We are a group of breeders of miniature Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats in New Zealand.

The Nigerian Dwarf Goat has been developed in the USA as a miniature milking breed,suitable as pets and for smaller lifestyle blocks . These goats will also improve milk solids percentages for commercial farmers when crossed with standard sized dairy goats. They are affectionate with great personality. All coat colours and patterns are acceptable. Ears are pricked and face is dished. Eyes can be any colour.

We have imported Nigerian Dwarf goats from Australia to develop the breed in New Zealand using a variety of standard sized dairy breeds as our foundation stock.Direct imports from USA to New Zealand are currently not possible.

All Nigerian Dwarfs bred by members of this association will be microchipped and . Breeding does(females) and bucks(males) registered with the NZ Dairy Goat Breeders Association(NZDGBA) will also be DNA tested to establish their identity and confirm the identity of their parents and accuracy of their NZDGBA pedigree documents.

Please check out our gallery for details of our NZ bred Nigerian Dwarfs and their Australian imported parents.

We are currently taking orders for Nigerian Dwarfs that will be available from August 2021

To go on our waiting list please download our questionaire and return it to us

We have breeders in the North and South Island. Commercial transport is available to all areas of New Zealand for the Dwarfs from 10 days old.


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